Our operations are designed to get the most out of technology, without using more resources.

Creating efficient data centers, accelerating our transition to carbon-free energy, creating sustainable workplaces, building better devices and services, and empowering users with technology help ensure a cleaner, healthier future for generations to come.

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Data Centers
Efficient data centers help us better serve our users, in a more sustainable way.
For more than a decade, we’ve worked to make Google data centers some of the most efficient in the world by designing, building, and operating each one to maximize efficient use of energy, water, and materials, improving their environmental performance even as demand for our products has risen.
Carbon-Free Energy
Accelerating the transition to carbon-free energy.
We've been carbon neutral for over a decade by improving the efficiency of our operations and buying renewable power and high-quality carbon offsets.
In 2018, we matched 100% of the electricity consumption of our operations with purchases of renewable energy for the second consecutive year.
Creating sustainable workplaces is good for people and the environment.
We focus on the user when we’re designing products, and we focus on our employees when we’re creating the healthiest possible workplaces.
“We focus on the people in our buildings the way Google engineers focus on the user.”
Robin Bass, Real Estate and Workplace Services Sustainability Team Lead
Empowering users with technology means we can do more, together.
We meet the challenges posed by climate change by working to empower everyone—businesses, governments, nonprofit organizations, communities, and individuals—to use Google technology to create a more sustainable world.

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