We must help build a more sustainable future for everyone.

At Google, we remain committed to sustainability and continue to lead and encourage others to join us in improving the health of our planet.

A European Google data center with wind turbines in the background.

Carbon Commitments

We’re decarbonizing our energy consumption so that by 2030, we’ll operate on carbon-free energy, everywhere, 24/7.

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Aerial photo of a road curving through a city block on the right and dense trees on the left.

Circular Economy Commitments

Our ambition is to maximize the reuse of finite resources across our operations, products, and supply chains and enable others to do the same.

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Clear waters reflect the beauty of our Eemshaven, Netherlands data center.

Water Commitments

We’ll replenish 120% of the water we consume by 2030, and we’re actively supporting water security and ecosystems where we operate.

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