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We’re enhancing our products to help billions of people take action to reduce their environmental footprint.

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One of the biggest ways we can help combat climate change is through our core products. From how you get around, to the flight you take, or when at home - our goal is to help make the sustainable choice an easier choice for billions of people, everyday.


Helping everyone make greener choices when getting from A to B.

200,000 cars
When you need to drive, Google Maps will let you choose the most fuel-efficient route if it isn’t already the fastest one. This could avoid over 1 million metric tons of carbon emissions every year — the equivalent of removing over 200,000 cars from the road.
Shopping Shopping

Find suggestions for more sustainable and energy-efficient options when searching for home appliances in the Google shopping tab.

UI for Google Shopping to save energy with a heat pump water heater
UI for Google Shopping to save energy with an induction cooktop
Did you know? Compared to a furnace, a heat pump can lower your electricity use for heating by about 50%, and an Energy Star certified dryer uses 20% less energy than standard models.
Devices & services Devices & services

From product design to manufacturing and across our supply chains, we are working to address our environmental and social impact at every step.

For Google Cloud Customers For Google Cloud Customers

Every single product operated in our Cloud is carbon neutral, from Google Search at home to a large business running on Google Cloud.

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