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Sustainability has been a core value for Google since our founding, and our environmental reporting and thinking has evolved over the years. Please refer to our latest Environmental Report for our most current methodology and approach.

Image of a Jaguar prowling in a very green forest and looking right at the camera
A jaguar (Panthera onca), photographed deep inside the Nouragues Natural Reserve, French Guiana. Image made with a DSLR Camera trap.
A supplier wearing red gloves, white shirt, black apron, mask, eyeglasses and face shield while handling a hose
Image showing the stages of build using recycled materials for the Pixel housing
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    Wildlife Insights helps capture the beauty of biodiversity, as well as its fragility

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    Helping to protect our people—and planet—through safer chemistry and responsible management

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    The alchemy of aluminum: Pioneering a new recycled alloy for our products


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