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We believe that operating sustainably is not only good for the planet, but good for business.

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Practices we live by

We’ve curated a list of best practices to give you a head start on building a solid foundation for sustainability in your own organization.

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Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve been fine-tuning the ways we purchase renewable energy and collaborate with great partners for over a decade.

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Circular economy

A circular economy challenges us to rethink how we source, design, manufacture, transport, use, repair, and recycle everything.

  • Once is Never Enough: A circular economy model is restorative and regenerative by design

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  • A circular Google in a sustainable world

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  • Partnering with suppliers to create better recycled plastic

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  • Accelerating the circular economy through commercial deconstruction and reuse

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Healthy workplaces

When creating a healthy workplace, it’s important to focus on not only what’s best for your employees, but also the community around you.

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