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Sustainability has been a core value since our founding.

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For the first time, we purchased enough high-quality carbon offsets for the emissions that we couldn’t reduce directly, bringing our net annual emissions to zero.

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We were the first tech company to buy renewable energy at scale through PPAs, helping increase the availability of clean energy while driving down the price.

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A power purchase agreement, or PPA, is a contract to buy power from a particular facility over a period of time at a negotiated price.
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We were the first company of our size to match 100% of our electricity use with renewable energy, and we’ve repeated it every year since.

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What do we mean by matching renewable energy? For every kilowatt hour of electricity we consumed across the globe, we purchased a kilowatt hour of renewable energy.
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We made the largest corporate purchase of renewable energy of its time — a 1.6 GW package of 18 new energy deals — becoming the world’s largest annual corporate purchaser of renewable energy.

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We became the first major company to neutralize our entire legacy carbon emissions.

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Setting the pace on climate action

We were the first major company to achieve carbon neutrality and match 100% of our annual electricity use with renewable energy.

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Carbon neutrality means that the carbon emissions caused by something is balanced out by supporting the reduction of an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere in the world.
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Renewable energy is collected from sources that are naturally replenished, such as wind and solar.

Working together to create a carbon-free future for everyone.

Taking collective action on climate

Our 24/7 carbon-free energy program aims to eliminate emissions associated with our operational electricity use and run on clean energy every hour of every day by 2030.

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If an energy source is carbon free, it generates no carbon emissions. This includes carbon-free technologies like large-scale battery storage and carbon capture, as well as renewable resources.


We signed the world’s first corporate agreement for next-generation geothermal energy.

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By 2022, we're committed to offering 1 billion people new ways to live more sustainably via our core products.

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20,000 clean energy jobs will have been supported by Google’s carbon-free energy contracts, clean technology partnerships, and other steps taken to achieve 24/7 carbon-free energy by 2030.

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Carbon-free energy 24/7

As we continue to learn and collaborate on ways to achieve our goals — such as harnessing next-generation geothermal energy and implementing carbon-intelligent computing — we hope to show that a carbon-free future is achievable for everyone.

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